The Jeet Kune Do Federation is the oldest and most trusted worldwide Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do association of instructors, teachers, schools, and students. The goal was to bring all of the three schools of Bruce Lee and their curriculum into one system under one association. We have achieved the goal to bring the original art form to the public for the first time over two decades ago in the form of the ground breaking video training program and dvd film series.

The World Jeet Kune Do Federation was founded in 1993 by second generation Bruce Lee School Master Carter Hargrave.

Here at the Jeet Kune Do Federation you have the ability for the first time in the history of JKD to learn the phases of Bruce Lee's art through one of our certified instructors or schools, or through our innovative and exclusive home distance study and rank training program for those that do not have access to a teacher in their area, or the students circumstances prevent the traveling or attending a standard training class to learn JKD techniques.


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